Our Stroller is Too Big :-(

I love to walk with my kids in the stroller and in every way, this is a pretty good stroller. It's a Sit N Stand from Baby Trend I got at my baby shower in January and I think it was from Target.Anyway, I walked this baby down to the kids park in Eagle River every day in the summer without a thought. Now that it's winter however, it doesn't fit in our car! We have a small neon with a teeny tiny trunk. Now I have to borrow the in-laws Ford Taurus, which still requires me to bungee cord the trunk shut, to go to the Harry J McDonald Memorial Center to walk around the rink.


Slowday Sunday

We take Sundays off to rest after a long week and go to church. At the studio we took pics of Elijah just for fun. I love his smile!

Patricia's Etsy Stuff

This is a link to Patricia's etsy stuff and it is all fabulous!!!

I Love 2 Kid Shopping Carts!!!

I hope whoever thought this up is a millionaire now because this was genius!

They are so much better this way! Elijah is a bit jealous of me carrying Monica while he's in the cart, but this way, there's no jealousy - it is just wonderful! Great for my back too! Now what will happen when #3 happens...hmmm...

Monica's Black Friday Outfit

Monica is super in this cute number I got at Belly Baby & Beyond out here in Eagle River - so cute!

Monica's Topless Photo - Ha ha!

Elijah is 2 years and almost 9 months, and Monica is almost 9 months. She is really big though fitting snug into 12mo size clothing. She fits one dress that is 2T nicely.

Jeremy took this of Monica for a boutique that sells baby clothes and cloth diapers - really cute with the fake snow. Every appointment wants fake snow in their pics now - so funny!
Elijah doesn't want his photo taken anymore. He knows all of our tricks and is completely uninterested when in front of the camera. Hopefully we get some family pictures soon for cards.