Addiction: They Just Can't Let Go (JK)

They're addicted.

It's sick.

They think about it when they wake up.
They track it down.

They find it.
They steal it.

They know how to use it.

It's a bad case of iPad addiction!

Amanda & Cubs


The Meaning of Monica

If you look up the name Monica, it does not give a definite meaning. It might mean to advise or solitary but they aren't sure.

You might find St. Monica or Monica Gellar from friends.

I think I've got a meaning though...

My Monica

Whimsical, sometimes to the point of being clumsy...(yes, she fell in that)

A bit shy at first, but she will warm up...

Knows how things gets done and just gets her hands dirty and does the job!

Is such a daddy's girl if there ever was one...

The most wonderful daughter there ever was...

Thank heaven for little girls!

Amanda & Cubs


Trip to the Alaska Zoo

Elijah loves animals. 

He loves safari animals, he loves arctic animals,  he loves cartoon animals, he loves stuffed animals...you get the picture.

He can't talk, but he has his many babblings and signs for animals or he just gets a stuffed animal that matches what he wants to say. So, we thought a trip to the zoo was in order.

I loved his face of just "uh, wow!" when he saw a "roar" or polar bear...
Snow Leopard, real up close!

It was still a bit cold and snowy when we went.

First time with cotton candy...they were such messes after!

We went back to see the seals twice!

We're planning on going to one of those safari parks in July - they will really love the giraffes and elephants and monkeys!

Amanda & Cubs