Happy Earth Day - My Green Place

Like 'My Happy Place', get it? Today, on Earth Day, when most are celebrating in their yards or in parks, it snowed here in AK and I am celebrating indoors with my little container garden, a complete success so far if you were here for my post on my gardening skeeeelz (and my lack of them!)but I figure someone has to show these kids dirt is more than dry mud.

Chile Peppers

(I Think...Next Time I'll Remember to Label)

I didn't have a lot of funds so these are just the big buckets that cocktail fruit come in when you buy them from a wholesale store. And they have been under a lamp because it has not been very sunny this week.
This is fun (albeit messy) for kids. We did this in the laundry room and spent a long time describing textures, what we were doing, counting seeds, etc. My son isn't talking much, he's a late-talker, so I try to do things hands-on so as to draw out a lot of excitement, surprises, and questions.
Earth Day giveaways going on:
The earth-mother of all giveaways here - all week long!
Fountain Jet soda stream 

Love, Amanda & Cubs


Co-Sleeping is Best for Extra Sibling Bonding

I can't imagine them sleeping separately.

From us.

From each other.

Their love grows.

Their bond strengthens.


Love, Amanda & Cubs


Blogging from My New iPhone

I got an iPhone!!

My husband spoils me but that's how it works around here. Whenever I get money, I buy stuff for my babies. Whenever my husband gets money, he makes sure to get me the stuff I need or would never buy myself or say that I want (aloud). 

Just sending a post while I hold my wittle one:

Ah, sometimes technology is sweet when it's not being a pain in my butt. 

We'll be moving soon and this will be handy to keep posting while being in the chaos that moving so often entails. Then I can go in later and correct and make changes. Not to mention stay on top of my email and calls. Smart phones...keeping us looking smart!

Are we too addicted to all these technologies? Maybe I should've napped but I love it!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

Toms Shoes: Buy One, One Goes to Charity

Great quote:

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." ~ unknown

So awesome! Toms, which I just learned about from my friend Jess, is a company that donates a pair of shoes to a child in need when you buy a pair. Genius and philanthropic!

Watch the video - also on the website

For more shopping that helps, see the sidebar buttons for the breast cancer site and the hunger site, which will lead you to their stores.

Happy Shopping!

Love, Amanda & Cubs


Words Totally Ruined for Me Since Becoming a Parent

There are words that people use in everyday situations that when I hear them, I think totally of the wrong thing. This didn't happen before I became a parent and I can't explain my twitch or smirk because often it is not a parent with whom I am talking. Words totally ruined for me:

6. Crowning
I hear: Crowning achievement, moment, or glory
I think: Baby's head crowning (then cringe at giving birth with no meds again)

5. Labor
I hear: Department of labor, laborer's union, even Labor Day
I think: Oh No! Labor and Delivery! The screams, oh, but the cute babies...(go from cringing to smiling)

4. Pull-Up
I hear: "Did that car pull up?" or "How many pull-ups can you do?"
I think: Oh, thank goodness Elijah is potty trained and I don't need those pull-up diapers - they're so expensive! (The first time, I said aloud the latter part and I got back, "What's expensive?" LOL)

3. Leak
I hear: Pipe leak or air leak
I think: Booby leaky or leaky diaper (then take a quick look at my shirt, just to make sure)

2. Accident
I hear: Car accident or bike accident
I think: Elijah might have an accident if I don't __  - I better take him potty.

And number 1?

1. Blowout!!!
I hear: A blowout party, or haircut, ot hair style
I think: About Elijah's blowout diaper on our car trip or the time at Barnes and Noble when I didn't have any diapers (cringe, then people don't think I really like their hair - oops!) 

Any more words you can think of that are just ruined forever?

Love, Amanda & Cubs


Looking for Something to Get Past Writer's Block

I'm finding it hard to write. It's been days and I've been looking for inspiration but there is none to be found.

My kids are good. Elijah is trying new words everyday and sounding out letters everywhere we go. Monica's hair is getting longer and her face is changing, looking more older and beautiful.

My husband is good. He renewed his car insurance and is now insured again, so I sleep much better when he's coming home late.

I'm good. I drink my tea, I do my yoga, and I teach my kids. I am doing more and more crafts with them everyday and taking them outside to have fun more often.

I guess maybe I don't need inspiration to come. Everything is great and could stay the same and I'd be happy. I'm so thankful for all of our health, safety, and overall wellness...nothing could be better!

Happy blogging!

Amanda & Cubs


Baby Monster Attacks

We were just playing around with the puzzle when this little baby came and threw all the pieces around!

She came in low...
She came in high...
She chewed on everything in sight!

We were alright though...the little creature just needed a nap!

Love, Amanda & Cubs