Blogging from My New iPhone

I got an iPhone!!

My husband spoils me but that's how it works around here. Whenever I get money, I buy stuff for my babies. Whenever my husband gets money, he makes sure to get me the stuff I need or would never buy myself or say that I want (aloud). 

Just sending a post while I hold my wittle one:

Ah, sometimes technology is sweet when it's not being a pain in my butt. 

We'll be moving soon and this will be handy to keep posting while being in the chaos that moving so often entails. Then I can go in later and correct and make changes. Not to mention stay on top of my email and calls. Smart phones...keeping us looking smart!

Are we too addicted to all these technologies? Maybe I should've napped but I love it!

Love, Amanda & Cubs


  1. Enjoy your new phone!! I always love getting new gadgets and playing with them. Thanks for stopping by my place. No, we too believe the NFP is another form of birth control. When you do that, you still aren't fully trusting God. Well, that's how we believe. :) Nice to "meet" you!!

  2. Have fun with your iPhone. I love mine!


  3. I just got mine from the hubs too- a birthday/mom's day gift. I am loving it and spending waaaayyyy to much time on it!