Hey, I Have Fun with my Kids!

A clean house is definitely not a fun house.

And a perfect body is definitely one that has not had a lot of fun.

I've been down on myself over this and that, but I've realized that

Without this or that, I wouldn't have had the fun I've had with my kids!

The scar on my face is from Monica reaching up her little arm and scratching me.

If I wasn't breastfeeding or if I didn't cuddle her so much, it never would have happened.

My painful ankle wouldn't have happened if Jeremy and I weren't teaching the kids to play soccer

My various bumps and bruises wouldn't be there if I wasn't on the floor wrestling with my kids

Listening to them laugh so hard is complete bliss!

I'd definitely be skinnier if I didn't take bites of their food and spend time over special meals with them

I wouldn't have this itch on my knee if I didn't think it was important to take my son to the pool

And I wouldn't have such back pain if I didn't carry them as much as I do, but we love it

I probably would have less zits, wrinkles, sun spots if I did x, y, or z, but that takes away the good stuff

Of long days in the sun, laughing and probably getting germy kisses on my face but

All Worth It!

Because I Love My Kids!!!

Love, Amanda & Cubs