Elijah's iPhone

No, Elijah doesn't have an iPhone. We're not THOSE parents - haha.

There are some pretty awesome iPhone apps for kids. Elijah was pretty engrossed. Actually, he was so engrossed that he didn't notice how badly he needed to use the restroom, and he peed a little in his pants. So, iPhone apps - they'll make you so happy, you'll pee!

I thought Elijah knew his shapes and one of these apps confirmed it as he would choose the correct shape most of the time. It was neat to watch and really fun for him because he was rewarded with a "sticker" from the app.

Elijah's Morning 'Do

I love Elijah's sweet morning look. He hardly ever wakes up cranky and I am very thankful for that! This morning his hair was all over the place and it stayed like that even when he stood up.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping with the kids was a blast. We visited several stores in a few hours and the kids only had to stay in the car for the last one - they were passed out. Early and long naps and a lot of snacks and juice helped immensely! They were pretty entertained by all the things we were putting in the cart too though. Of course anything non-edible or fun like socks and shoes got thrown right out of the cart!


We had quite a snowstorm a few weeks ago. Our little car almost got stuck - driving normally on the highway! We took the next exit and went shopping then home. It was so awful! Then of course it rained on the eve of Christmas Eve. I was hoping it would be snowy on Christmas.

Monica's Baby Swing

Monica likes, not loves, her baby swing. Eh, what are you going to do. She recently gave up one of her naps too, which really is worse for me than it is for her. She's having fun, and that's the important thing.

My Sister's Cub

My sister is Rosanna and lives in freezing cold Fairbanks, AK. She gets mad at me because I refuse to go where it is regularly -2oF and at its coldest -60F. This is her first time meeting Monica, who was skiddish but eventually came around.

Leanna is my 7 year old neice whom I love! She was very sweet and helpful. I loved brushing her long, thick, black hair. Elijah gave her a kiss as soon as she came in. Here we are going into the 5th Avenue Mall for a little shopping.


Monica the Scavenger

Sometimes Elijah shares what he should not...either that or Monica just is picking up his leftovers.
At our studio it gets crazy. I think they pick up our weakness and take advantage by doing what they know they should not.


Broke my Cell Phone...LOL!!!!

We were getting in the car, and I always slam the tail of my coat in the car, but this time it slammed on my pocket with my cell in it! I lost all those contacts and pictures and ring tone downloads...Well, actually, most of that may transfer when I get a new phone, which will hopefully be soon!


Happy Thanksgiving from Our Little Indian!!!

I made a craft with Elijah but he decided he was not going to wear it! Monica likes to wear hats and things and must know how cute she is because she's all smiles when they're on!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Benefits of Amber for Baby

I just recently found out the benefits of Amber - here at Sweet Camo Babytique. So awesome.

Here's the sweet news: As you know, these amber teething necklaces and bracelets are made to wear but not to chew!

Amber is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and is a natural and traditional European remedy for teething discomfort. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin, helping babies and young children stay calmer and more relaxed through teething. Amber is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to the skin (helps diaper rash too!)

Succinic acid is the most beneficial component of the amber. I have read that the darkest colored amber generally contains less succinic acid than lighter colors. I have also read that the more cloudy or opaque amber is, the more succinic acid it contains (and usually the more cloudy amber is the nearer to the color white it becomes).

Infants/toddlers/children should be supervised while wearing the jewelry, and the jewelry should be removed from the child's neck when he/she goes to sleep.

The string the nuggets are strung on is designed to stretch when a good amount of pressure is applied, and break if necessary. Each piece of amber is individually double-knotted on the strand. The necklace fastens with a screw clasp.

Clean with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Avoid detergents and cleansers when possible as these substances over time will leave a residue on the amber that inhibits it's ability to release its healing properties into the skin.

Probably won't wear it this way, but still a funny photo. Monica likes to wear things on her head!

Doug Naked from the Waist Down!

The tree is up! Yay! He's Douglas, or Doug for short - and he's naked from the waist down! The ornaments have to be up away from Monica's grubby little hands - haha!