Elijah's iPhone

No, Elijah doesn't have an iPhone. We're not THOSE parents - haha.

There are some pretty awesome iPhone apps for kids. Elijah was pretty engrossed. Actually, he was so engrossed that he didn't notice how badly he needed to use the restroom, and he peed a little in his pants. So, iPhone apps - they'll make you so happy, you'll pee!

I thought Elijah knew his shapes and one of these apps confirmed it as he would choose the correct shape most of the time. It was neat to watch and really fun for him because he was rewarded with a "sticker" from the app.


  1. Your baby is adorable!! I am looking at Alaska Blogs because my husband is talking about us going up there some time!! What do you think of living there?!

  2. It seems the happiest people in Alaska are very much outdoors and winter activities people. We're not but we grew up here and like knowing where to go, familiar places and people, so after all of our traveling, we ended up back here.