Rarer, Classic Character Halloween Costume Ideas

It's autumn, again. It's already below freezing at night and we're scrapin' off our car windows in the morning here in Alaska (well, not me; I watch from the window :) ) so we know winter is almost here. 

Although I know most people don't have that experience, especially my cousin who's melting in over 100 degree weather in San Diego, I still call it Autumn because that's what most people think it is now. But the winter and its holidays are approaching, and my first favorite is closing in faster than I realize: Halloween!

Most classic characters are easy to find: Tom and Jerry, Snoopy, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, etc. but a few of my favorites have been neglected. I managed to find some I miss and like a lot.

    ****Remember reading Charlie Brown comics on a lazy Sunday?  How about Dennis the Menace?

    ****How about tapping your shoes together repeating "There's no place like home?"

    ****Older folks might have enjoyed Felix the Cat? Was older correct, or should I have put more experienced? Even more experienced might get a kick out of Charlie Chaplin.

    ****I remember being encouraged to eat more spinach like Popeye (scroll down a bit for this one).

    ****I couldn't find one, but I really wish someone would make a Ziggy outfit - he was such a cute little guy.

    ****And don't forget about your dog's high aspirations.

Anyway, I'm still pondering what to dress up my little ones like. I like unusual, homemade costumes, so we'll see what I can come up with in the next few weeks here.

Amanda and Cubs


Making a Relationship Last: A Love Journal

My husband is a romantic guy, though I'm sure he wouldn't like everyone to know that. We've celebrated every year for the past ten years the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. He holds it more dear than our wedding day. It's sweet and he remembers when it is and how soon it's coming up better than I do!

He says that our love blossomed in those days. In the first couple months, that's when real love grows. And the wedding is the public celebration, not nearly as intimate as the details of "the beginning."

I love this CNN story on the 'Original Grandparents' and their 72-year (now 73!) marriage. Their beginning sounds so much like ours. He bought a ring and swore one day he'd buy me an expensive one. It was all so very high school student hopeful, excited, bright, etc. If you check out www.the-ogs.com, it's really very cute, their story and tips.

One thing we used to do is keep a love journal, and I think it was what brought us closer together during some difficult times. All couples struggle with keeping up communication and our love journal was one place we could write what we were feeling positively. If we had a happy moment with each other, a discovery about the other, or just a 'wow, I love you' moment, we'd jot it down and put it away. It was sweet because the next time I'd go into write something, I'd read his last entry and just beam the biggest smile.

We lost our love journal in our move back from Belgium but we haven't needed it as of late. It would have been nice to treasure, but now we keep baby journals of our parenting moments.

We've only been married six years, but I am so hopeful to make it to 73 years like the ogs!

Love, Amanda and Cubs


Busy Summer

We had a wonderful summer! In July, we flew to PA for a wedding and spontaneously ended up in Atlantic City. We slapped on our beach gear and had a great day...

Observing shells

Kinda cranky

 At the beginning of summer, we spend a lot of time strolling to the town park.
I love this stroller...too big for our car though :(

Slid down by herself at 14 months...way earlier than my cautious son!

She's very agile and brave...this thing spins

Elijah likes indoor technology fun with the iPhones

In the car, Monica sometimes doesn't like our choice of music...boogers

Anyway, I'll try to post more often now that we're at home, the sun is not out as long, and we are settling in for a long winter!

Amanda and Cubs