Fantastic Apps! - Learning to Read Phonics Apps by Emmy Chen

I absolutely love the iPad app 'Phonics Silly Sentences - Short Vowels, Flash Cards, Matching and Sentences.' I love the whole series made by Emmy Chen and it is so worth the $2.99 price!

My almost-five year old boy is still behind in his speech but I've started him in a reading program that I got for free from Funnix and I downloaded a bunch of free versions of different apps, of which the Silly Sentences series is by far my favorite. He knows the alphabet, letter sounds and so now I've started to teach him sight words and beginning phonics. So far he is doing super well - he's learned about ten sight words so far and is learning the concept of sounding out words. Don't get me wrong, he's not reading yet, but it's a promising, solid start!

The app was easy enough for my son to do by himself but I would not recommend that. Sitting and playing together, saying the sounds and words aloud with my son was really helpful. He loves matching the pictures to the words and sentences and it is making a connection between sentences and specific sentences which has been different than other books and apps we've used.

So go get it. It's a great phonics app. We got the whole series.

Amanda & Cubs