Homeschooling a Late-Talker, Over-Active Toddler, and a Busy Baby!

I'm a homeschooling mom! 2012-2013!

Desk work
Even Baby Bee has things to do!

We are off to a great start. It is really motivating to think that I am starting ahead because it's easy with a late-talker to feel behind sometimes. Gamer (my 4-year old son) is already reading! We started in March since he seemed interested (following closely along with books, trying to sound out words, asking what words are) and now he's reading 'Green Eggs and Ham!' Dancer (my 3-year old daughter) knows all her capital and lowercase letters and almost all her sounds. Even Baby Bee can say 'A' and 'apple' after our 'Letter A Week' - she even said blue when I handed her the felt squares! :) (After I told her of course).

One thing I feel uneasy about is not having a store-bought curriculum. With Gamer being able to read and add (as well as other skills), but lacking other knowledge and skills, it's hard to choose a curriculum that suits him. Scouring the internet has not helped and viewing books online has just led me to believe I can design the curriculum around him. I taught high school, but this can't be THAT dissimilar, right? Wish me luck. :)

My goal for this year is to bring Gamer to a higher level in speech and in reading comprehension. Dancer will be pretty straight-forward, just building on what she already knows and raising her self-esteem. Baby Bee will obviously just follow along and practice whatever fine motor activities distract her long enough for us to get stuff done!

Good luck to any other homeschooling moms!

Amanda and Cubs