Rarer, Classic Character Halloween Costume Ideas

It's autumn, again. It's already below freezing at night and we're scrapin' off our car windows in the morning here in Alaska (well, not me; I watch from the window :) ) so we know winter is almost here. 

Although I know most people don't have that experience, especially my cousin who's melting in over 100 degree weather in San Diego, I still call it Autumn because that's what most people think it is now. But the winter and its holidays are approaching, and my first favorite is closing in faster than I realize: Halloween!

Most classic characters are easy to find: Tom and Jerry, Snoopy, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, etc. but a few of my favorites have been neglected. I managed to find some I miss and like a lot.

    ****Remember reading Charlie Brown comics on a lazy Sunday?  How about Dennis the Menace?

    ****How about tapping your shoes together repeating "There's no place like home?"

    ****Older folks might have enjoyed Felix the Cat? Was older correct, or should I have put more experienced? Even more experienced might get a kick out of Charlie Chaplin.

    ****I remember being encouraged to eat more spinach like Popeye (scroll down a bit for this one).

    ****I couldn't find one, but I really wish someone would make a Ziggy outfit - he was such a cute little guy.

    ****And don't forget about your dog's high aspirations.

Anyway, I'm still pondering what to dress up my little ones like. I like unusual, homemade costumes, so we'll see what I can come up with in the next few weeks here.

Amanda and Cubs

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