Words Totally Ruined for Me Since Becoming a Parent

There are words that people use in everyday situations that when I hear them, I think totally of the wrong thing. This didn't happen before I became a parent and I can't explain my twitch or smirk because often it is not a parent with whom I am talking. Words totally ruined for me:

6. Crowning
I hear: Crowning achievement, moment, or glory
I think: Baby's head crowning (then cringe at giving birth with no meds again)

5. Labor
I hear: Department of labor, laborer's union, even Labor Day
I think: Oh No! Labor and Delivery! The screams, oh, but the cute babies...(go from cringing to smiling)

4. Pull-Up
I hear: "Did that car pull up?" or "How many pull-ups can you do?"
I think: Oh, thank goodness Elijah is potty trained and I don't need those pull-up diapers - they're so expensive! (The first time, I said aloud the latter part and I got back, "What's expensive?" LOL)

3. Leak
I hear: Pipe leak or air leak
I think: Booby leaky or leaky diaper (then take a quick look at my shirt, just to make sure)

2. Accident
I hear: Car accident or bike accident
I think: Elijah might have an accident if I don't __  - I better take him potty.

And number 1?

1. Blowout!!!
I hear: A blowout party, or haircut, ot hair style
I think: About Elijah's blowout diaper on our car trip or the time at Barnes and Noble when I didn't have any diapers (cringe, then people don't think I really like their hair - oops!) 

Any more words you can think of that are just ruined forever?

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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  1. Oh no...I think conversations are ruined with me now - I will definitely be more aware of all of these!
    : )