Looking for Something to Get Past Writer's Block

I'm finding it hard to write. It's been days and I've been looking for inspiration but there is none to be found.

My kids are good. Elijah is trying new words everyday and sounding out letters everywhere we go. Monica's hair is getting longer and her face is changing, looking more older and beautiful.

My husband is good. He renewed his car insurance and is now insured again, so I sleep much better when he's coming home late.

I'm good. I drink my tea, I do my yoga, and I teach my kids. I am doing more and more crafts with them everyday and taking them outside to have fun more often.

I guess maybe I don't need inspiration to come. Everything is great and could stay the same and I'd be happy. I'm so thankful for all of our health, safety, and overall wellness...nothing could be better!

Happy blogging!

Amanda & Cubs

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