Happy Earth Day - My Green Place

Like 'My Happy Place', get it? Today, on Earth Day, when most are celebrating in their yards or in parks, it snowed here in AK and I am celebrating indoors with my little container garden, a complete success so far if you were here for my post on my gardening skeeeelz (and my lack of them!)but I figure someone has to show these kids dirt is more than dry mud.

Chile Peppers

(I Think...Next Time I'll Remember to Label)

I didn't have a lot of funds so these are just the big buckets that cocktail fruit come in when you buy them from a wholesale store. And they have been under a lamp because it has not been very sunny this week.
This is fun (albeit messy) for kids. We did this in the laundry room and spent a long time describing textures, what we were doing, counting seeds, etc. My son isn't talking much, he's a late-talker, so I try to do things hands-on so as to draw out a lot of excitement, surprises, and questions.
Earth Day giveaways going on:
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Fountain Jet soda stream 

Love, Amanda & Cubs


  1. Cute seedlings! You don't need a ton of money to start your own stuff growing, and I'm sure the snow will be gone soon. :-o


  2. I love the look of little plants growing... just full of possibilities! Amazing that it's snowing in AK and yet we're getting ready for a few April Showers here in MA :)

    Happy ICLW!
    ~Miriam (ICLW #78) Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed

  3. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I feel the love!

    Your plants are great. They look like they are off to a good start. They do not really need a lot, and reusing helps reduce waste. All good for our planet!

  4. Good luck with your container garden. BTW, I found these great (big) flexible plastic buckets with handles in the Wal-Mart garden section. They hold 28 qts of soil and are only $5 a piece. I cut 4 drainage holes in the bottom of each one and have my veggies planted in there.


  5. Isn't it cool and exciting!? I recently starting my own veggie and herb garden. Stop by my blog sometime and take a look :)