Train Set Fun

Thanks to Jennifer and Body, we have ourselves a little train set good for some classic indoor fun! Elijah loves it and is figuring out how to set it up better and better, with a little help from mom. It gets a little aggravating when I think, "Again! That's already three times today!" but I'm starting to see results in his critical thinking and manipulation of the objects, hand-eye coordination and all that - very great! Great gift! Anyway, I thought this post would be better than a thank-you card! ;)

However, Monica likes to play Godzilla, messing up everything and Elijah is racing to fix everything behind her before the train comes. She looks like Godzilla too (not in the green reptile kind of way), toddling and towering over the little tracks, knocking over bridges, and picking up the trees and eating them - very funny. Well, not to Elijah.

Anyway, off to more train fun...


  1. That's really great for Elijah. At first glance he's just playing with a train set, but there's so much going on there. He will be able to set it up himself eventually, and you can take pics of his engineering masterpieces.

  2. Thanks - yes, he sits and thinks about it too...I worry about obsessiveness sometimes but after he saturates it, he moves onto something else...right now it's his etch-a-sketch!