Pregnant, Baby's Moving & I Am Just Thankful

Sometimes things get in the way of the things we want to do.

Ha-ha I am not talking about my pregnancy!

I took this photo two days ago and I was all pregnant aglow and in a glorious mood and was going to write a beautifully written, inspiring post...but blogger or google or my computer was not responding and now I am not feeling well, cranky, am watching the kids from another room (I gotta get back there - they're annoying everyone back there!) and I am not in the mood I was in two days ago.

Still though, I am thankful for my love of my third pregnancy. I always thought I'd get tired of it or at least wouldn't have the same awe about it, but feeling the baby move the other day was still wondrous and miraculous.

We're so thankful for our babies and their health and we pray that we continue to be so generously blessed.

I am 17 weeks now, due March 19th. We'll be up to 3 March babies!

Amanda & Cubs

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