At-Home Speech Therapy Exercises for Receptive Expressive Language Disorder - Late-Talking

There is a wonderful page on a site that has some great ideas for talking to a child who has language deficiencies - the site is Speech Therapy on Video and the page is here. In case it is ever not available, you'll find it here too.

Whether or not a professional is helping your child, you should continue your child's therapy at home and these are specific things you can do. I've read so many times to just talk to them, but this is a list of specific exercises that produce results. At first, my son could not do any of these, but we kept practicing and we still work on his language everyday with these same exercises and I have been seeing real improvement.

I am not kidding when I say that I am so glad to feel that I have a guide. I am the type of person that needs to read specific exercises with real explanations and I have brought my son from not being able to do any of these 9 months ago to naming a long list of opposites, differentiating between fruits and animals, and that a green light means go and a red light means stop and more. This last week he played his first game - Red Light, Green Light. There's no way he's have been able to follow direction, understand the concept, and play that months ago.

Even more than these exercises though, I believe that just spending that much time with him, focusing on him and having him know that I wanted him to talk - I think that was the biggest difference of all. Children are good and want to please us - they just need to know how.

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