iPhone Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Elijah loves Jeremy's iPhone, as you can see. It's so bad but he doesn't use it that much. Well, that, and we cannot resist his cute face when he signs for it.

We bought a few games for him to play, and I thought I'd share after reading an article on Babble.com called iPhone Apps for Distracting Young Children the ones we thought were worth the money, because some games we have bought have been disapppointing.

1. Giraffe's Preschool Playground - Tomato Interactive - 99¢ - Elijah loves listening to the music and identifying the letters, numbers and animals. I love that there is more than one game and that there are Junior Explorer and Ace Adventurer levels of difficulty, so I  know this game will grow with him.  I don't think this will stay 99¢ for long!

2. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox - THUP - 99¢ - Elijah likes this one for its monkey character. He is challenged by few different kinds of puzzles and indentification games. I love that it rewards him with a sticker - keeps him going.

3. Preschool Connect the Dots - Touch Screen Preschool Games - 99¢ - Elijah knows his numbers but this makes him practice tapping them in order to solve the puzzle. I like that the pictures are of things he really likes, like trains and animals.

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