Signs of Spring: Spring Pics

I have been reading so many blog posts about signs of spring and it is just making me depressed! Here in Alaska it is getting warm enough to maybe take a quick walk but the slush and dirt deter me from even doing that! Our car is so dirty you can't see out the back windows. Everything is just gloomy - makes me feel like Eeyore.

Spring pictures for the schools we service is coming up however, and that has cheered me up. Jeremy made a tan background and bought a couple of flowers for the children to hold. I didn't think it would come out so darn cute!

This is a mom and her daughter:

I love it - so simple and elegant. Jeremy is going to offer color manipulation to parents too, which looks like this:
I wish I had pictures done like this when I was little. My school pictures always came out silly and unappealing.

A couple were done with our kids but I'm saving the next pro photo op for their birthdays! Cannot wait!

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