Father and Son Pinball Board Project

It's Monday and I am just dragging. Monica's birthday was sweet and I think that this week I'd like to do something for Elijah as a gift. It's his birthday this coming Saturday (I know, they're 2 years, 1 week apart) and I found this little project gem on the blog Journey into Unschooling.

For those who know me, I am a little bit of a lot of things. Attachment parent and prescribed unschooling teacher are probably the top two. I think projects are a wonderful way to bond, show interest in the child's interests, and it's not pencil-pushing paperwork or regular glue-down crafts.

Elijah learns hands-on and visually the best. I think that I can get Jeremy in on this since he has fun with these projects too. Now off to find some hardware store coupons!

Here's the link to the project!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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