Happy Birthday My 1 Year Old Monica!

Monica's Birthday is tomorrow and I am just elated that she is 1!

I knew Monica was a girl before I was even sure I was pregnant. All I wanted was fruit, yogurt, and cheese...and the cat smell made me nauseous...and I just knew it was a girl!

I have always wanted a daughter...I want it all - the tea sets, the matching outfits, the baking and sharing of chores, the stealing of make-up and clothes, and the mother-daughter talks...

I love Moni-moo-moo and I literally feel like she's been here all along. She fits right in and I can't imagine our life any other way.

I don't know if this is going to work! Here's a link to my flickr set of Monica's First Year! And a slideshow!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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  1. Happy Birthday Monica! It goes by so fast!

    I knew my son was a boy, too. I just knew it. And I really wanted a boy. All I want is boys! So we both got really lucky. :)

    Thanks for your comment! I'm going to go check that site out tomorrow. :) Since you said you're having the same issues, I'll share this one that I found:

    It tells you roughly what your child should be eating, how much of it, and has some recipes, too!

    Oh, and I'm a follower now. :)