Panicky Hearts and Baby Games!

Elijah is almost 3 and Monica is almost 1 and I love watching them play together!

I posted before how Elijah has been tricking us and enjoying it thoroughly! Well, our studio leads into a boutique next door. We entered the studio and I put Elijah down, everything's normal. Elijah took off running, opened the joining door to the boutique, and just left! I'm hurrying taking off Monica's coat to go chase him and when I get over there, he's no where!

Just because I know he's in the building doesn't keep my heart from beating faster!

I call him and I call him, and finally I hear something...

*hee* *hee* *hee* *hee*

I grab my camera from my pocket after I figure it out.

Monica figures it out too...
Where are you?

 BOO! Elijah thinks he's so clever and cute...

They play peek-a-boo out from under the table for a long time!

I love how much they love to play with one another...makes my job cake (ok, well a cupcake).

Love, Amanda & Cubs