The Wonder of Childhood Memories and Car Rides

I used to love getting in the car and going for a ride. My grandpa (my grandparents raised me) was a taxi driver and he would just talk about driving, road conditions, shortcuts, and funny times with other taxi drivers. I loved it.

After a long night shift, if he really missed me I guess, he'd wake me up and we'd go find an all night diner for some ice cream or a 24-hour donut shop. He wouldn't wake up my grandma and I just cracked up when she'd scold us when we got home...school nights and such...good memories.

I wonder all the time what memories we are creating for my children...

I have these fuzzy memories of being 3 and Jeremy does too...My memories would probably surprise my mother, because all I remember are these everyday mundane things, like her washing the dishes or putting away laundry, but it was significant for me...makes me think that we don't need to try too hard or stress about it. They just want to be with you!

I think everyday "I wonder if we did anything memorable?"  I wonder what my kids are storing away in their hearts...and I kiss their noses and tickle their feet just to hear them laugh and see them smile.

Anyway, pics of us going for a car ride...

  Moni-moo-moo fell asleep. She looks so long. (Don't worry! I buckled her up right before we left!)
Love this coat from Grandma Nelly. Her sweet face is just cuddled in it.

Close up of her first shoes. She hates them! She refuses to walk in them.

We figured out how to hook up the iPhone (which he loves) in the car so it plays through the speakers. He plays when we stop at the store or bank and we have to wait for Daddy. He likes to listen to his kid music and play his games (I reviewed some). He looks older than 3 when he does this and makes me miss my baby Elijah!

Anyway, off to try to make some memories!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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