Indoor Herb Garden for Battling Long Cold Winter Weather

I am really going to plant an indoor herb garden. No, I'm for real!

I kill plants. It's a special talent of mine. My mom bought me this really nice (and expensive) bonsai tree when I was in high school because I'd had such bad luck with plants, indoor and out, and it was supposed to be a hardy plant.

I killed it.

Then when my husband and I moved into one of our apartments, my aunt who is a fantastic gardener, gave me this beautiful plant with soft velvety leaves and cute little purple flowers. It, too, was "hardy."

I killed it.

Then there were the Poinsettias. I was in the giving spirit and I bought 3 poinsettias from one of those Thanksgiving charity drives and planned on keeping them until I could give them away as gifts.

I killed all 3! Before Christmas!

But now I have to get over this - I can do this. I've decided on something useful -an herb garden! I figure this is a good post about starting one since it lists the plants that do well indoors, as follows from The Frugal Life.

Herbs which will grow indoors:

Now I'm really excited and just want to get my hands dirty (pun intended! OW!) - but I also wanted to show you cute planters I found while searching for something to use...

Really Cute Planters:
An old typewriter 
Old shopping cart 
Beer drums 
An old washer 

I don't think I have anything cool to put them in, but I may just start with one plant...no reason to go overboard here knowing my history with plants...eep.

 A plant my MIL is keeping alive...so close and yet so far!

Love, Amanda and Cubs

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