Friday - Elijah will be 3!

My first baby is 3 tomorrow! Wow, time flies! My daughter's 1st birthday was last Saturday so they are sharing a party, which will be tomorrow. Daddy's schedule is pretty crazy (he has a photo shoot before the party and will be editing photos afterward too!)

Elijah was a labor of love - 24 hour long love! It wasn't all painful - my water broke and we all took bets of how much longer it would be. I won with Midnight - six hours before I actually delivered!

One thing my husband and I always say though is that it has felt like he has been here all along - seriously, we don't remember what it was like without him. We're not those people who say we had such fun before our kids - our kids ARE our fun!

So, here is a link to our flickr pics of Elijah and below is the slideshow - enjoy!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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