Spring Cleaning! Re-Use Ideas for Kids and Home

Spring Cleaning - Add Color
It's spring-ish in Alaska! I'm donning my mud boots and old coats for the dirty leftover snow and dusty dirt that is piling on all the roads and everyone's cars! It's not such a beautiful season until you get deeper in the wild...but c'est la vie!

I'm cleaning out all our old clothes - trashing that which is beyond repair and giving to good will that which is salvageable is my routine, but I'm thinking I may try some new things this year in the spirit of being more green and earth friendly.

There are billion ideas for using old jeans and old tee shirts - If you google jeans crafts there are a myriad of good ideas out there. I'd really like to try a jeans quilt some day. 

A lot of the following ideas are from Rookie Moms and are awesome and genius!

Toddler dress from an old men's shirt - link
Toddler boy pants from an old tee shirt - link
Boy's pants with matching tie - so cute
Alter an old board book
Make boy shirt into girl shirt
Convert a regular bra to a nursing bra
Turn photos into placemats
Use an old cd case for a brag book or cd for an ornament
And where to send anything else from this post

Oh! And an Easter basket from an old sweater for the upcoming weekend!

Scrap Paper

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Love, Amanda & Cubs

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  1. I love fining ways to use old items that would be junk! Thanks for the links. I am following you super late from Friday Follow! I hope you visit/ follow me back when you get a chance: http://www.thriftyandfrugalliving.com/