Photography Portfolios for the Art Lover

Jeremy is mulling over ideas for a book. So far, his ideas are great but I don't want to spill them here. Sorry!

I started browsing portfolios of famous photographers and just got lost in the art of it all! It makes me terribly miss our college trips to the MET in NY and the Smithsonian in D.C...if we could drive there in under an hour again, I would already be gone!

Anyway, thought I'd share a few I thought were interesting...

Joe McNally - The best, according to us anyway...I could spend all day watching his videos of how he does, no, performs his photography.

Chris Jordan - Emotionally stirring (politically charged?) photos ranging from dead birds due to pollution to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Matt Stuart - Matt Stuart has a funny way of capturing people and the website doesn't slow down my Internet - big plus!

Bobby Neel Adams - Work includes age maps, which are weird and fascinating - they completely pull you in...

Faces of Hope: Babies born on 9/11 - Google books allows you to browse through this sweet reminder that babies were born on on 9/11.

Zach Hyman - Warning: Nudity. This one was in HuffPo for his recent nude shots on the subway. Interesting.

Happy viewing!
Love, Amanda & Cubs

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