Two for One, Practicing Lacing and Writing Letters

When Monica unexpectedly wakes up early from her nap, I need something for her to do so that she doesn't destroy what Elijah and I have started. Not easy. She used to do it to our train set up all the time!

This works. I punched holes in a paper and had her lace through a shoe lace. VoilĂ , we finished what we were doing and she was as happy as a clam.

Afterwards, I noticed it was photo paper and that if I wrote down the letter, I could erase mine and have Elijah trace the faint outline of the letter. He did a really good job and enjoyed it a lot. He was so excited, I didn't get to write down every letter beforehand and he did many letters all by himself.

I really liked this and I am going to do it again. I laced through the string that was on it and hung it on the refrigerator so everyone could see it. I'm glad he practiced writing his letters without a guide and I'm glad he was so excited to do it. For most of the day, he has walked by and looked at it, admiring his work. Very cute.

 It's a bit obvious which letters had a faint print and which didn't. However, I like it when he just takes the marker and takes charge of his learning.

With Monica climbing, she finds the paper on Jeremy's desk and printers and bends a lot of them, making the no longer useful for our business, but great for these type of activities. Now that I know I can draw, erase, and have Elijah trace, I'll have to think of new ways to do this.

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