I'm Back! Doing at-home preschooling

It's been a long time but now we're in our house, we've had our newest baby girl, Baby B, I have my little home computer all set up and we are back in Alaska and getting past our busy portrait season - whew.

Here's our newest addition...

She's been a very good baby girl so far and she's very excited now to be able to crawl and pull herself up to follow her brother and sister wherever they go.

I hope to use these posts to view our preschool progress so I'll be posting various links I find useful for working with my little late-talker who is 4 1/2 now and about a year behind (he's doing much better than last year!).

Right now I'm working along these great prescool calendars I found at Preschool Alphabet. The calendars are on the right column near the bottom and are awesome for learning letters and various sight words. Right now we're skipping around letters and just finding a schedule that is comfortable by trying out different activities at different times to see when is best -- important for someone finicky about his mood and what he wants to do like my son.

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