Speech Therapy Help - So Great for My Late-Talker

I ran into this wonderful website from their pins on Pinterest. It's called The Learning Curve and is a Speech Language Pathology Resource. What is most helpful is this form of How to Track Communicative Intent - the post is here and I love it.

I am planning on homeschooling my son and he is about a year behind in his language ability. Had I had this form earlier, it would have been great, but now is fine too because it helps me focus on what he is saying and see the areas in which he is still struggling. Then I can model those type of questions or phrases so he begins to understand and hopefully use them.

Even if he was in school or in a speech class, I'd love to have this to follow his ability at home and to have something to show at a meeting about his progress and goals (I am a teacher so I would have loved if parents brought this type of documentation).

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